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Casual leather shoe elastic opening.

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WITH TECHNOLOGY Ondusoft   X What is this?

The revolutionary wave design of the insole allows the aeration and ventilation of the foot, thanks to the total circulation of air.

System manufactured with materials that have properties such as elasticity and total flexibility.



Colour: Grape
 High selection leather 
Sole type: 
High quality PU
Heel height: 3,5 cm
Technology: Ondusoft
Removable insole


You may have worried about choosing the perfect look, but if your shoes are dirty, it won't make a difference. For that reason, we want to give you the best instructions for the care and daily maintenance of our footwear. What do you need to know?
Let's start with two general and fundamental tips.

After wearing:
- Use a soft cloth to remove any traces of dirt which may have accumulated throughout the day.
- Keep the footwear in its original box, using the paper which comes in the shoes or with pins.

Now it's time for our high-quality leathers. Each of them must be treated individually.

Suede, Split Leather and Nubuck
To clean this type of leather, which has a very natural finish, we recommend using a brush with bristles in order to eliminate dust. Then, a colourless spray which is suitable for these types of leather, in order to avoid future stains.
*It is not recommended to use creams or fat products, as they would lose their "plush" finish.

Clean with a dry cotton cloth and rub well to give a shine. Colourless or leather-coloured creams can be used.

Patent leather
This leather is characterised by its high-gloss finish. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. And we can rekindle its appearance with lotions which are suitable for this material.

As a general recommendation, for all our leathers, we advise that if you are going to apply any lotion, bitumen, spray, etc. that it is done by applying a small amount and never directly on the skin, but using sponges, cloths, etc. Afterwards, we will let it dry naturally without exposing the footwear to sunlight or to extreme heat spots.

A very important fact, and one to which you should pay special attention, is the care for our models of combination leathers; each of them is sensitive to one form of cleaning or another. So you should treat them differently.

If you still have doubts or want us to advise you in a personalised way, you can tell us about your case through our contact form.


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