24HRS started up in Elche (Alicante) towards the end of 1999, marking the before and after timeline in the footwear sector.

24 HRS has revolutionised the footwear market with an innovative concept: Comfort Footwear that meet the latest design trends without compromise.

When designing our footwear we use the most advanced technology to create shoes that stand out for their flexibility, breathability, and comfort, and which protect the health of your feet. Our shoes combine a refined flexible shoe design with exclusive soles, and are finished by hand, to ensure that walking with 24HRS shoes will provide you with a pleasurable sensorial experience every step that you take..


In order to develop our concept of COMFORT FOOTWEAR, we first had to develop a unique production system, using only the highest-quality raw materials and creating 6 of our own systems, to guarantee the excellent performance of our shoes in terms of lightness, cushioning, breathability, total hygiene etc.

A key part of the production process was the creation of a quality department, to ensure that all our shoes are made following stringent quality control procedures.

24HRS commitment to quality was recognised when it was awarded the BEST MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR award in 2000. Today we continue to build on and enlarge our corporate know-how, and our most satisfying reward is our customers` loyalty.