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Black Friday.
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As happens every year, Black Friday arrives with its impressive, long-awaited offers. A good time to take advantage and get that item you need or that will help improve your quality of life. Like, for example, comfortable shoes. So, on this Black Friday 2020 we will be true to keeping to our date. And this will be with a complete Black Weekend!

When is
Black Friday?

The long-awaited day for the bargain hunting and great deals falls on 27 November this year. It's not always that date, since it's held on the fourth Friday of the month. We popularly say Black Friday when it's sometimes a Black Weekend, as many of us like to give buyers a little more leeway. The weekend will end on Sunday 29 November 2020.

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of Black Friday

Blessed "Black Friday," yes. But what is it? Let's just say it's the starting gun for Christmas shopping. A chance to do your homework in advance and get your presents on track for those important dates. We associate Black Friday with discounts, so it’s better to save money in the midst of so many commitments, right? However, more and more people are using these offers to indulge in that long-awaited splurge or to cover their own needs.

The origin of Black Friday comes from the United States and we place this date on the day after Thanksgiving. The term was used to describe the traffic of people and vehicles that crowded the streets the day after this famous date. This began in Philadelphia in the early 1960s, until years later it spread throughout the United States. The application of the concept to businesses arose when they noticed the economic gains after Thanksgiving, going from "red numbers" to black. It’s curious, isn't it?

But on a commercial level, the boom emerged during this last decade, with the rise of online sales. With another way open to acquire products at a discount, as well as another channel to advertise the brands' offers, Black Friday has recently become part of our routine.

Black Friday

Two inseparable terms. Black Friday and discounts. Although it has sometimes been the subject of debate, due to the bad practices of some commercial companies. And that's because the offers must be real. At 24HRS, Black Friday (and therefore Black Weekend) features real discounts.

Shops usually offer a discount of at least 20% on the usual price of each product. Sometimes, this is more aggressive, reaching 50%. Many brands extend this product beyond the weekend for one more day, with Blue Monday. However, Monday is a more appropriate time for the technology sector.

To take advantage of a Black Friday in shoes is always a great plan, since you can get quality, durability and design at a special price. These are dates when what is cheap (in relation to the quality of the product offered) does not have to be expensive.

Black Friday Discounts at 24HRS

Black Friday is sacred at 24HRS. And, paradoxically, we don't just do 24 hours on Black Friday. We have three days of offers! It's the ideal time to get those sandals you liked so much, to grab your new moccasins, to add some ankle boots to your wardrobe for the winter or to shine with an attractive blucher. And besides, try our comfortable house brand.

We develop our own technologies so that your feet enjoy great lightness, flexibility and comfort in both women's and men's shoes. We are experts in comfortable shoes. Whoever tries us, knows this well.

This Black Friday 2020, we have discounts of up to 40% on the price of our models. Not bad for trying out durable footwear that will make your walks much more enjoyable, right? You can buy 24HRS shoes on our online store without shipping costs and with a fast delivery.

Do it safely by card, bank transfer or PayPal. And if you have a problem with them, you can return them or request a size change. We have extended the deadline for these arrangements to January 15 so that you can exchange or return Christmas gifts, which we know will take some time to be tried on!

So you know, Black Friday at 24HRS is waiting for you online and in stores with its discounts applied. If you are looking for comfortable men’s or women's shoes, for yourself or as a gift, this is your home. This year, comfort takes over. And besides, it is in fashion.